Seriously?! No…LITERALLY

A major point of miscommunication with people on the Autism spectrum is that they take the words that fall out of our mouths literally. I recall when the whole H1N1 scare happened several of years ago. “Swine flu” was the topic of many conversations on the radio, on the tv, and at the dinner table. It took Drew a couple of weeks before he finally asked us what “swine” was, to which we replied “a pig.” He was quiet as he assimilated this new piece of information into his knowledge bank. Eventually (meaning LOOONG after we had forgotten the previous conversation) Drew asked, “Where did the pig fly to?” We were very confused at the different interpretation that he drew from “swine flu.”

We witnessed another of these moments this morning. Jill had advanced to the Ohio State Fair with one of her 4-H projects. It didn’t take Drew long to become bored and whiney while waiting on her judging to be completed. He loves the Sky Ride at the fair, and could see it out the door of the Rhodes Building, where her judging was taking place. He was dying to step outside to have a better view of the Sky Ride. We gave him Jamey’s phone, and sent him on his way with a warning of, “Do NOT go anywhere else! Stay right by the door.”

For the next 30 minutes it was very inconvenient for anyone else wanting to enter or leave the building.

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3 Responses to Seriously?! No…LITERALLY

  1. trisha crites says:

    touche drew!!!! i guess i’ll try to remember to not tell him “take it easy”!!!!!

  2. Stacy says:

    If only all kids would follow directions so well! Same miscommunication problems with language learners – some funny stuff!

  3. aspertypical says:

    Loved reading this article! I’d like to say I grew out of taking everything so literally but unfortunately I seem to have gotten worse, much to the amusement of my family and friends!!

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