If It’s Too Loud, It Might NOT Be Because You’re Too Old!

Summer 2006 – Allow me to set the scene for you. You are a single adult guy. You live with your single adult son who you know is at work. You are sitting in your nice quiet house, which sits on a nice quiet country road, on a nice quiet summer day. Perhaps you are doing a nice quiet activity like reading, folding laundry, or napping. Suddenly your home is filled with blaring loud rock music. Not just loud… live concert volume level. You rush to the room with the stereo in it to turn off the noise. The room is empty. You are perplexed. How did the stereo get turned on? And why was the volume turned all the way up? As you walk back through your house in utter confusion, you hear your dogs barking and you notice the blonde headed four-year-old neighbor boy walking through your back pasture.

We had been swimming at Nick’s the weekend before. That was the first, and only time that Drew had been to Nick’s. The stereo was on while we were swimming. It was in the house. I don’t know that Drew even saw it, but he obviously knew it was there! So unbeknownst to his mother, who thought he was playing out in the garage, Drew hiked up the hill in the backyard, past the barn, all the way across the pasture, past the garden and the swimming pool, and into Nick’s house. He messed with all the settings of the stereo before he turned it on. When I went to check on him, he was playing in the garage, right where I had last seen him. We would have been clueless to Drew’s little adventure had Nick not come down later to share the story. Maybe he needs an underground fence collar that matches the one the dog wears!

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