Life in a Medieval Town

May 2014 – Near the end of the school year, Drew’s class was reading the story of Robin Hood. One of the activities was to complete a comparison chart between the Middle Ages and Today for a variety of situations. The answers that he gave in the chart were great, and even informative in regards to travel…who knew??!

Situation Middle Ages Today
Dating and marriage You didn’t pick You pick
Medical treatment Unpopular Popular
Washing clothes Baskets of water Washing machines
Educational opportunities ? School
Travel Horses (5 mph) Cars (World Record 240 mph)
Fixing food ? Stove
Clothing ? ?
Entertainment Plays TV
Money and taxes Gold Dollar bills

At the bottom of the table, was the question What other differences can you think of?

Drew wrote:

Lighting:Green LED
Old – candle 
New – Light Bulbs, LEDs (light emitting diodes)

Notice that not only does my boy love his electricity and various forms of lighting devices, he also realized that it was important to define LED in case the teacher was unaware of that particular acronym. Such a thoughtful young man!

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