“I Was Bored.”

Shout out to Bri Jenkins for talking about Life At My House today…it allowed me to find a story to share instead of a mess to clean up!

Today was my last day of school, so, thankfully, I was only working a half day or it’s hard to tell what I would have come home to!

I pull into my driveway. The garage door is up. Drew is home alone. (Side note: He already called me once today to ask where the WD40 was. That should have been enough to make me nervous!)

I came in the door and politely called him to come and visit with me (…ok, screamed his name so that he knew I wasn’t pleased).

Stacia: “What in the world is that mess in the garage?”

Drew: “I cleaned out your shop vac.”

Stacia: “Why?!?”

Drew: “I was bored.”


I suppose I should be thankful that he took it upon himself to clean??? Perhaps we should all admire his handiwork?


Yes folks, he’s a keeper.

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