Life in a Medieval Town

May 2014 – Near the end of the school year, Drew’s class was reading the story of Robin Hood. One of the activities was to complete a comparison chart between the Middle Ages and Today for a variety of situations. The answers that he gave in the chart were great, and even informative in regards to travel…who knew??!

Situation Middle Ages Today
Dating and marriage You didn’t pick You pick
Medical treatment Unpopular Popular
Washing clothes Baskets of water Washing machines
Educational opportunities ? School
Travel Horses (5 mph) Cars (World Record 240 mph)
Fixing food ? Stove
Clothing ? ?
Entertainment Plays TV
Money and taxes Gold Dollar bills

At the bottom of the table, was the question What other differences can you think of?

Drew wrote:

Lighting:Green LED
Old – candle 
New – Light Bulbs, LEDs (light emitting diodes)

Notice that not only does my boy love his electricity and various forms of lighting devices, he also realized that it was important to define LED in case the teacher was unaware of that particular acronym. Such a thoughtful young man!

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Career Options

June 3, 2014 – Drew came into the kitchen this morning offering me a piece of bubble tape. I told him no thanks because I was eating a bowl of cereal and suggested that he get a donut.

He opens the Crispie Cream box, makes his selection, and takes a bite.

He announces to no one in particular, “I need to be a cop so that I can eat a lot of donuts.”

He takes a few more bites of his donut and said,

“I’m not in it to arrest people. I’m just in it for the donuts.”

Crispie Cream

Best Donuts EVER!!!!

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Ohio Volcanos

March 11, 2014 – After many cold days in Ohio, yesterday was a welcome break in the weather. As I came up the driveway I was glad to see that Drew was unplugged from all electronic devices and actually outside playing! Upon further investigation this is what I observe.


The boy appears to be hard at work burning a rock. ?!?!?!?! Yes, my eyes are not deceiving me. He has a torch. It is producing a flame. He’s concentrating it on a single rock in the driveway.

Leave it to Mom to ask the obvious as she walks past him…”Bub, what are you doing there?” He proceeds to inform me that he is going to “turn this rock into lava.”

<sigh> “Carry on.”

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The Birthday Gift That All The Cool 12 Year Olds Are Asking For This Year

February 6, 2014 – Drew came upstairs a few minutes ago. The conversation went like this.

Drew: “Dad, I know what I want for my birthday.”

Jamey: “A 55″ tv for your room?”

Drew: “Not even close!”

Jamey: “What?”

Drew: “I want a 230 volt power cord for my computer.”

Jamey:  “You will blow your computer up as soon as you plug it in.”

Drew: “No I won’t. It has a selection switch so you can switch from 115 to 230.”

For those completely lost by this conversation, allow me to explain Drew’s thought process…

In case you have never looked at the back of your computer, there is a switch that looks like

OBVIOUSLY, you should switch to a different voltage from time to time. Oh, and when Jamey pointed out that we live in the United States and don’t have the right plugs to plug it in, Drew had already taken this into consideration and LOGICALLY determined that he could plug it in where the dryer goes. Duh!

Problem solved!!!!

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Through the Eyes of Drew

January 2014 – Last weekend, we took another trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, OH. It ranks pretty high on our list of family favorites! It had been a couple of years since we had last been, so the kids were even more excited than usual.

As we were getting ready to head to breakfast and then the water park, Drew borrowed my phone to make a video of the room in order to help him “remember” what it looked like. I told him to be sure to take some real pictures too, and went about my business of getting things packed up and heading everyone out the door.

Later in the day, while everyone was off enjoying themselves in the water park, I checked out the pictures that he had taken. It’s amazing to me when I get to view things through Drew’s eyes.

The glowing light switch.


The tv above the fireplace.


A fire burning in the fireplace.


The sign beside the fireplace, warning that the glass gets hot.


The inside of the room safe.


The outside of the room safe.


The thermostat.


You have to admit…that was a pretty nice room that we stayed in, wasn’t it?!?

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I’ve Got Nothin’

Christmas 2013 – As everyone came to the table to enjoy our Christmas meal, Gram asked a seemingly innocent question.

Gram: “Drew, do you want to say the blessing?”

Drew: (after a long silence) “Yea, I’ve got nothin’ ”

It’s a good thing that no one had food in their mouths, as surely someone would have choked to death while laughing.

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Smaller Than A Breadbox

December 22, 2013 – So, Drew came up from the basement while I was cooking dinner, obviously hiding something behind his back. The conversation went like this:

Drew: “Mom, do you think an Xbox hard drive is the size of a desktop hard drive or a laptop hard drive?”

Mom: “Laptop.”

Drew: “You are right!” as he produced the evidence from behind his back to prove it to me.

Xbox hard drive

Only an eleven-year-old who has taken apart more than one computer would even have the background knowledge to come up with the question! Actually, you could substitute the word computer with numerous other items which are held together with screws. Because if it has screws, it was obviously made to be taken apart so you can fix it when it stops working. Duh!!!

Oh, and score one for me for knowing the answer.

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