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Through the Eyes of Drew

January 2014 – Last weekend, we took another trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, OH. It ranks pretty high on our list of family favorites! It had been a couple of years since we had last been, so the … Continue reading

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Who Knew a Third Grader, Satan, & the POTUS Had So Much In Common?

Late yesterday evening (Sept. 30, 2010), I received a phone call from Drew’s teacher. This was a new and scary experience for me! I was afraid of what my kid had done this time! She told me how she made an … Continue reading

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One Line Wonders

Summer 2012 – Drew comes into the house from being outside doing who-knows-what. It’s one of those scorching hot summer days. He plops his sweaty body down onto a kitchen chair and informs me: “Mom, I’m hot!” This is followed by … Continue reading

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If It’s Too Loud, It Might NOT Be Because You’re Too Old!

Summer 2006 – Allow me to set the scene for you. You are a single adult guy. You live with your single adult son who you know is at work. You are sitting in your nice quiet house, which sits … Continue reading

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When It Rains, It Pours…Or At Least It Floods The Basement!

Drew has always loved water. Baths, showers, garden hoses, toilets, waterfalls, sprinklers, drinking fountains, the sprayers in the vegetable area of the supermarket, sinks of any kind, squirt bottles, swimming pools and the like. And by “love” I mean he … Continue reading

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Seriously?! No…LITERALLY

A major point of miscommunication with people on the Autism spectrum is that they take the words that fall out of our mouths literally. I recall when the whole H1N1 scare happened several of years ago. “Swine flu” was the … Continue reading

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Lost is a Relative Term

For those of you who don’t know Drew personally, let me start by explaining that my child has a tendency to get “lost.” If you were the type of parent who is easily panicked by a missing child, you would … Continue reading

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